After graduating from the prestigious School of Cinema-TV
of the University of Southern California,
Valerio Zanoli produced and directed the film The Minis,
starring NBA legend Dennis Rodman.

The movie is available in the U.S.,
Europe, Middle-East, Australia, China, Africa, etc.
To support the distribution of the movie, several partnerships
were made with important companies such as McDonald’s and Yahoo.

Valerio later produced and directed the film Hopeful Notes,
which was awarded the first prize at the International Social Commitment Awards
and 5 out of 5 doves by The Dove Foundation.
The film is in distribution all over the world through Pure Flix Entertainment.

Valerio is the director and producer of the film All You Can Dream,
starring international singer Anastacia.
The movie had its worldwide premiere at the prestigious Giffoni Film Festival
and its U.S. premiere at the Chinese Theatre in Hollywood.
It later received support letters from the Office of the First Lady
and UNESCO "Education for Children in Need".

Valerio co-wrote and produced the film The Ghost Experiment 3D,
which was directed by the executive producer of The Blair Witch Project.
He also directed the the Italian film The Opening
and the Spanish-language film Fiebre Salsera.

Valerio is currently busy with the production of the films
Party Legends, Demonic Possessions, and Take 1 (By One).

Through the years, he has also directed commercials (i.e. for Guam)
and music videos (i.e. for CeCe Rogers).